Sunday, June 23, 2013

Giving Truck Grille A Paint Overhaul

My truck's grill was overdue a much needed painting, which I managed to accomplish prior to the beginning of the camper build.  The last thing I wanted was to have the camper completed and on the truck, ready to go and the grill looking downcast.  Well it wasn't as bad as I am implying I suppose, but it did need to be touched up some.

I used the Petit EasyPoxy Marine Grade Topside Paint from Jamestown Distributors, cut a little with thinner and sprayed through a cheap high volume-low pressure, gravity fed sprayer.  The paint job turned out, well almost terrific.  The quality of the paint had everything to do with it, I'm certain.  Self leveled and cured flat, smooth and glossy.

 You can see after sanding just how bad the grill was, those grayish areas is the underlying color composition of the plastic where the paint had depleted.

Some sanding and clean up with acetone, took me about 35-45 minutes approx.  No, the blog isn't upside, neither are you...(laughing)


 Here you can see just how nicely that Petit EasyPoxy goes on, covers and cures.. i'm super pleased.

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