Monday, August 27, 2012

Camper Nose Incipient Stage

Well I have made a little progression on the nose of the camper, although I have been extremely busy in other capacities I have managed to squeeze in a little work here.  I am still awaiting an order of 2 more Nida Core panels to arrive so that I can complete the top and sides.

This past month has provided some awful weather to attempt to do any type of construction out of doors.  The rain here in the eastern parts of North Carolina have been continual, horrendous and did i say continual.  Water, wetness and more dang water.  Now we have a tropical storm out in the Atlantic dumping yet more water on the inland portions of the eastern seaboard.

Flash floodings abroad and work has been hindered. My next shop is going to be at the least, an acre in size.

anyway- here is some of what has been done recently.  not exactly the progression that I desired by this time.  I need to get this baby completed.

just waiting now...

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camper Sleep Area Construct

The sleep area was one of those regions that I had thought about and thought about a little more.  I wanted to have an aesthetically pleasing nose on the camper but on the same token needed this area to be constructed in such a manner as to avoid air lift during travel.  Couple that with the fact, I have a limited amount of time, before projected "shell dry-in" date and I have settled for the design to follow.

Sleep area underboard is in place and awaiting to be glassed in.  I am working towards constructing a central vertex on the nose.  I did make a mistake on the underboard panel and did not take the needed triangular portion into consideration when making the cuts.  I have a squared flat run in this area and it needs to be triangular there. Oh well, just presents another facet where one has to utilize a little ingenuity in order to successfully repair the issue.