Saturday, June 22, 2013

Rain Gutter Install Over Door

Bought a piece of aluminum channel from McMaster to install over entrance door to divert roof waters.  Was a little bit of a challenge getting it fastened due to the width of the channel preventing easy access for tools, but I managed to do so.  Just took me a while.

What seemingly appeared to be a 20-30 minute install turned into a much lengthier one.

revealing the tight clearance above door that I desired

Performs well, even in severe rainstorms.


  1. Great postings and information. I like this idea it can be beneficial and can save the roof leaks and damages because of rain water. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yeah it works well.... Having a 3/4" width so close to the roof slope catches most all the water also and the fact that the top of the door is nestled so close to the underside of the channel I have never had any leaks around the door even in torrential downpours


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