Saturday, June 22, 2013

Smittybilt Beaver Tail Step purchased for ease of access

As I was looking and prodding for a select step for entrance into the camper, I quickly discovered that the tubular types are marketed all over the internet.  Wanting something safer than tubular, I kept looking until I landed upon the Smittybilt product line.  They make a step called the Beaver Tail that is absolutely bullet proof in its composition, design and weld quality.  Not to mention, a flat stepping surface area as opposed to tubular. 

The step weighs a hefty amount as it is all solid metal, no hollow stuff here....just solid metal.  Its designed to serve a two fold purpose; a step and an attachment point for vehicle retrievals.  Used extensively with those sporting offroaders that need to pull one another out of tight spots and continue onward.

When I say it is hefty and durable, they are understatements...this is a great step folks, really it is.  One of those few items that you buy 'once' and it stays intact the remainder of your days.  Heck, may even end up on your child's vehicle one day.  They are just that tough.  After dealing with the vast array of cheaply designed product on the market today, I must say "I was overly impressed."

The only slightly negative feedback I have against the step is the powder coated finish does not have much texture to it thus making it slick and hazardous when wet out.  I ended up purchasing some step traction tape off of ebay, cut into strips and installed on my step.  Made all the difference in the world.  My wife's complaint was, "Why I didn't take my time to cut and install the tape in a more fashionable manner".....i admit it...i was rushing.

The step is perfect for slide-in truck campers, the surface area is just right allowing both feet to firmly planted at the same time if need be.  Also, built proportional to most full size truck bumpers.

Here you can see the distance the step protrudes from the hitch when mounted.  Overall I am pleased with the Smittybilt Beaver Tail Step 


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