Thursday, July 10, 2014

Where has the Nida-Core 3M Composite Panel Manufacturer gone to?

It has recently come to my attention that Nida-Core 3M of Port Saint Lucie, Florida has been bought out by Composite Essential Materials.  So if you have been attempting to locate Nida-Core panels directly from the Nida-Core plant you have more than likely landed on a dead end road.  I am not sure if the panels are continually being made in the same plant as before, but it sounds like they are.

According to Composite Essential Materials, they will be opening yet a second distribution location in Elkhart, Indiana for your 'panel location' researching needs. 

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Maritsa Dan, president of startup Composite Essential Materials (CEM, Port Saint Lucie, Fla.), reports that CEM has taken over the core materials business previously known as Nida-Core/3M. 3M (St. Paul, Minn.) had acquired Nida-Core in January 2011, but subsequently decided to exit the core-manufacturing business.
Dan says that Dan Family Holdings, the owner of CEM, has agreements with all of the previous Nida-Core suppliers, including NidaPlast (Thiant, France), the source of Nida-Core materials for plastic honeycombs, PGI Matline for laminating bulkers and Flexokore for balsa products. CEM also will offer polyvinyl chloride (PVC), polyurethane (PU) and polyethylene terephthalate (PET) foam core as well as glass-reinforced fiberboard. In addition, CEM will be a North American distributor of resin supplier Nord Composites (Condé Folie, France).
Future plans include expansion of product offerings to honeycomb in low-, medium- and high-densities as well as fire-retardant versions, plus honeycomb designed for use in infusion and resin transfer molding (RTM) processes. Resin products to come include tooling resins, skinning material, transom putty and sprayable print-blocking core. A second distribution site will be established in Elkhart, Ind., where CEM will produce large pultruded panels with several options for core and fiber-reinforced plastic surfaces.
Dan says previous and new customers are welcome to call Maritsa Dan at (772) 342-4991 or e-mail