Sunday, August 5, 2012

Camper Sleep Area Construct

The sleep area was one of those regions that I had thought about and thought about a little more.  I wanted to have an aesthetically pleasing nose on the camper but on the same token needed this area to be constructed in such a manner as to avoid air lift during travel.  Couple that with the fact, I have a limited amount of time, before projected "shell dry-in" date and I have settled for the design to follow.

Sleep area underboard is in place and awaiting to be glassed in.  I am working towards constructing a central vertex on the nose.  I did make a mistake on the underboard panel and did not take the needed triangular portion into consideration when making the cuts.  I have a squared flat run in this area and it needs to be triangular there. Oh well, just presents another facet where one has to utilize a little ingenuity in order to successfully repair the issue.

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