Thursday, February 18, 2016

Camper ventilation fan - 4" day/night solar charged, battery operated

Well, I broke out the wallet after finally locating a ventilation means which I was pleased with.  After extensive searching and just not being happy with what is available for campers and slide-ins on the market, in regards to ventilation, I altered my searching strategy.  I found the golden nuggets, and they are the ventilation fans which are made for yachts, large cabin laden boats and smaller airplanes.

By the way, there are lots of nifty inventions made for watercraft and planes that have never made it over into the camper and slide-in arena.  "Now, why not because you all have some extra cool stuff?  Get on it!"  I cannot understand why some of that stuff isn't being marketed for would work so nicely.

And WILL- because here we go.

I purchased a low profile, 4" day/night solar-charged, battery-operated ventilator made by Nicro.  I found it over at

4" Day/Night Plus Vent White N20704W  

The low profile meant I need not be concerned with a large, obtrusive, non-aesthetically pleasing cowl sitting on top of my camper battling the wind, everytime I struck out on the open road.  Have you seen those atrocious 'things' on top of some of those RVs.  My goodness!!  The watertight design of this ventilator meant, the unit will run during every rain storm --fresh air in-rain stays out.  That's what I like.

Consolidate that with this fact- the 4" Nicro fans move 24,000 cubic feet of air a day.  Human air exchange average is 388 cu.ft air per day.  The fact that I only sleep in the camper 5-8 hours at the time would be more than ample air exchange.  If a rain storm approached during those mid-morning hours and I needed to close the windows, I could.

With my 1.5" intake located in the lower level of the camper and the fan in the upper front of camper, that arrangement should provide me with sufficient oxygen supply throughout the night.

Yeah, I had to purchase a brand new holesaw for the purpose.  I already had the arbor but not a holesaw of this magnitude.  The Nida-Core cut so beautifully and the fan was mounted within minutes, thanks to the help of my lovely wife.  FYI- its super nice to have someone on the inside to assist when mounting these ventilators.  Although, I could have possibly done so by myself, it would have been challenging to say the least.

Grab you some help, a holesaw sized to fit the fan's protrusion and some butyl tape for the underside of the top cover and you'll be in business.  Your'e looking like a pro already. 



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