Saturday, December 20, 2014

Custom, Fiberglass Slide-In Truck Camper for sale. 1/2 ton pickup...700#

My custom made, fiberglass, slide-in truck camper built out of Nida-Core composite panels
is now for sale.  

This unit probably weighs somewhere in the 700 pound range, considering sum of panel weights and resin/cloth used to build. 1/2 ton pickup carries just fine. I have Air-Ride brand air bags installed on the rear wheels of my 1/2 ton pickup and have no sway or any other issues when hauling.

30 amp-120 volt power inlet
30 amp cable supplied (yellow colored outer sheathing) approximately 30-35' long, in great condition
15amp-120 volt power inlet
Water tank fill door on exterior
onboard shower that runs off 120 volt shore power
onboard deep cycle marine battery that serves 12 volt convenience outlet and lights
pigtail to tie onboard battery to truck battery for charging onboard while in transit
backup light on rear that can be activated from cab

Camper shower (never used). I never have installed a water tank simply because I have not necessarily needed one.

The camper is located in the eastern part of North Carolina. 

-Update  The camper has sold- 2015


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