Monday, April 8, 2013

Design and building of Entrance Door

I looked high and low for available camper entrance doors for sale but could not find an affordable choice for purchase during that time.  Furthermore, I simply did not have necessary time to search the countryside in an effort to locate a more reasonably priced version.  So, I simply decided to make my own entrance door. 

I took a piece of 3/4" good grade plywood and coated the exterior side really well with 2-3 coats of thin set epoxy which cured a waterproof exterior shell on the sheet.  Placed a piece of Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) on the exterior of the door.  Then made my sealing flanges for the door out of 4" wide fiberglass cloth, that after cure, would be mounted to the outward edge of my door.  It worked fairly well.  Not the 'most professional looking and certainly not the most aesthetically pleasing' one you have ever seen but it does the job for now.

Thin fiberboard strips cut to appropriate size and wrapped in wax paper to allow me to drape wet fiberglass cloth over the ledges.  The idea was that the wax paper would prevent the polyester resin from bonding to the fiberboard and the 1/4" variation in height would create an offset in the cloth thereby creating a 1/4" area to accept weatherstripping so door would shut tight and seal out rain. 

 Mounting piano hinge and outward edge flanges.
 Roll out caulk placed upon hinge line and then hinge fastened.

Door installed and interior insulated.

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