Thursday, January 24, 2013

Camper meets truck

Finally after several months, I was able to reach a point in the construction phase of the camper whereby I was ready to attempt the install into truck bed.  Everything went fairly well with the help of a friend.

A while back, I had looked both 'high and low' online for a set of the manufactured camper jacks, all to no avail.  It was not that I was unable to find any.  Oh NO!  I found tons of new sets of them with a standard retail price for three camper jacks ranging anywhere from $400-$500.00(+).  I just could not come to grips with the 'whys' in regards to pricing.  Legalized robbery.  Oh yeah, by the way 'a set' is three, not four.. Do not ask me why.  --greed is ringing in my cerebrum again-- 

Well thank God, after some extensive searching and asking around online I met a guy that had an older set that he sold me for a 'GREAT' price.  Not only did I obtain a reasonably priced set of camper jacks but ended up gaining a great friend as well.  Thank God for the cool tool we call the internet.

Anyway, with the help of a friend we managed to elevate the camper enough in order to stack 3-8x16" concrete blocks underneath every corner.  From here we progressed to the camper jacks - triangulation method - 1 on one side and 2 on the other.  Advancing carefully and with ease we had the camper sitting in the bed of the pickup truck in a very short amount of time.

I will need to eventually build me some form of offloading structure that will hold the camper high enough to allow the lowered camper jacks to be placed underneath the camper for the next install.  Haven't gotten there yet but this baby is in the truck bed for now.  

See you on the inside a little later on, Chris


  1. Looks great! Been thinking about this for a couple years. Can't wait to see the inside.


    1. SB, finally got around to getting some inside pictures uploaded to the blog...been out of commission for awhile in the blogsphere.

      see here



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