Sunday, January 6, 2013

Air bag helper springs installation

I purchased me a set of 'Ride Control' air bags manufactured by Air Lift to assist with maintaining a level ride and to accommodate the extra weight of the camper.  Although, the dry weight of my camper minus amenities is approximately 380 pounds, by the time a battery, onboard water tank and other goodies are added, these air bags will be needed I am certain.  If not so much needed for the camper weight, i could surely use them when camper is consolidated with boat in tow.  You did not think I was going camping without doing some fishing now did you?  

Ride Control, Model number 59501
by: Air Lift

The installation required a level, concrete working surface to ensure after rear tires were removed I could maintain the proper ride height of axle to frame as if the tires were still in place.  Required measuring center of hub of wheel to wheel well before and after tire removal.  Set jack-stands accordingly to maintain this measurement.  The install was straightforward, somewhat time consuming.  The projected installation time from the manufacturer was 2 hours...Well it took me about 5 hours, it was not that the installation was difficult for it was not, it just required a lot of little things that had to be done.  Those manufacture techs must have installed their initial system on a naked frame with no body, no tires, no fuel tank or anything else for that matter to gain a 2 hour install.  These projections never cease to amaze me.

Well, the system is in place.  Although, I do not have a performance review on the air retention of the bags and the way the vehicle will function under load while bags are inflated, I can say that I am pleased with the overall system.

I ran my air input stems to the rear bumper where they were installed near the license plate.  I will be able to plug up a miniature air pump into my onboard 12 volt DC outlet, reach just outside the entrance door to camper and maintain sufficient air in the bags.

Will keep you posted on the driveability and functionality of the system after some usage.

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