Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Onboard Camper Shower (rough-in and construction)

After a little planning and measuring I have decided on the shower construct.  The plan is that I can sit on the seat that I will modify in order to clean up a bit, if need be, I can stand up.  There is just more elbow room when sitting thus the reason behind the somewhat smaller footprint for the shower catch basin.  It will all come together, at least it has in my mind's eye.

1-1/2" PVC rough-in partially complete, will catch both the sink and this shower, the drain vent will be located underneath the sink area.  The shower flooring will be laid on a slope on both sides leading to the floor drain.

 Ran out of enough scrap long enough to complete this entire fill in, so I must piece the flooring together.  No worries...fiberglass cloth tape.  I left about 1" lip on the vertical panel above the floor to prevent runout of water. 

Did you ever see the high tech manner in which I designed the ceiling height and spacing needed inside the shower space.  Check out that high-tech shower design method

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