Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nose of Camper Rough-In Complete

We received a warm streak in the weather which was really conducive to good glassing, thereby allowing me to complete all of the camper's exterior glassing for the most part.  Still have a little to do in regards to cutouts for access doors which is minimal.

So I am finished with the exterior side of glassing on the nose of the camper yet still have a little work to do on the interior portions of these joints.  The interior should flow much more smoothly for I can heat the interior of the camper easily with a convection, oil filled heater to ward off the impending cold weather.

Part of the nose of the camper ended up being constructed with pieces of panels that were too short to meet properly in the centermost vertex.  I had to piece some smaller strips into the void to fill-in the rather significant gap between the larger panels.  Thanks to Sir Issac Newton I understand that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, so it was I placed a piece of 1708 biaxial cloth where the four panels meet to contend with the forces that could potentially be applied to this region.(see photo below).  My concerns are when the truck bed rocks side to side which could easily dislodge just basic tape.

Had to mix me up some structural compound (fiberglass structural peanut butter) to cover the area at the top of the nose that also possesses fill in material.  The ratio of 1/4" strands to glass should be high enough for this to remain.  Some TLC in grinding and this should work out fine. 


So now the basic camper shape and exterior is 'fiberglass complete'


meet you at the backwall.

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