Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sidewalls are complete

Finally received my last two panels needed to complete the camper.  I was somewhat disheartened with this order of Nida Core panels however, for they were both cupped significantly.  I had ordered two 'sanded' H8PP honeycomb panels and noticed upon their arrival the box was in great shape.  However, after dismantling the shipping package and removing the panels noticed they were badly cupped.

Both panels were cupped approximately 1.25" higher in the center.  I noticed the centers of both panels running longitudinally were sanded, however the edges along the long side remained glossy.  It was apparent upon this discovery that the horizontal sanding drums used during the manufacture process were in need of replacement of their sanding sleeves.  Apparently some individual simply increased tension upon the rollers perhaps in an effort to gain a better sanding, inducing too much pressure upon the panels, thus producing this curve in the center of both panels.

I managed to cut the one sheet and obtain somewhat flat pieces for the segment sizes that i needed.  The second panel may end up being used as is on the top, the curve might just add to the element of shedding rain water.

I did notify the seller, awaiting response.

Anyway...I managed to get the sidewalls complete on both sides.

Last wall segment, clamped and allowing glass joints to cure

While I had some resin mixed and the weather was 'perfect' (very mild), I decided to beef up the areas a little more where the camper eye bolts will be attached.  This region had been reinforced earlier, but I began to think about Sir Issac Newton and his thorough understanding of his Third Law:
"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction"

We have all been riding along an Interstate when crossing over a bridge springs our vehicle upwards with a considerable force.  Well of course the camper would decide to spring upwards as well.  This moment could impose great force upon the eyebolts as the camper sats down again, dislodging the reinforcement plugs sending them skyward.

So it was, I placed 1708 Biaxial cloth over the four anchor point plugs, which had been installed earlier -
(see that post)  The plugs were made with fiberglass structural peanut butter and although the plug's underside consisted of the intact,original fiberglass skin of the panel, the top area of the plug was exposed.

The 1708 biaxial cloth and three sections of 6 oz. cloth laid across the top of the biaxial cloth should suffice to prevent the plug from popping out.  These patches were 9" long.

additional reinforcement added for eyebolt region
1708 biaxial cloth topped with three sections of 6oz. cloth

   should be working on roof install soon. - chris


  1. Looks good - Keep us posted!

    1. you should check out the other entries up here on the blog, you must have came in through the backdoor because there are posts of the roof, interior and electrical on the blog now


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