Sunday, September 23, 2012

Camper Roof Install Layout

As mentioned in the previous post the last two Nida Core composite honeycomb panels that I purchased were significantly cupped.  They were both cupped approximately 1.25" higher in the center than the ends.  To compensate for this lack of quality control coupled with the fact that I am behind schedule already, I simply could not await the arrival of replacements.

I cut a line across the entire width of the panel's centerline, approximately half the depth of the panel thickness using my circular saw.  This line cut on the concave side of the panel was just the ticket to relieving that tension and allowing the panel to lie flat.

I will fill in the groove with fiberglass structural peanut butter and then glass over the area with the fiberglass cloth tape.  I will now have a seam appearing on the interior of the camper but such as life.   As with all things, everything is a trade off.  "Deal with the seam and finish the camper 6 weeks earlier", rather than awaiting the arrival of replacements.  Plus there is not anything saying that the arrivals would not be cupped as well.

I simply do not have time for such drama, so a relief cut saved the day.

Relief cut to allow cupped panel to lie flat

-- to be continued --

Filled in the relief cut today with structural fiberglass resin filler consisting of 1/32" Milled Fibers.  The filler was squeezed in using a veterinarian's syringe, filling the relief cut level with the fiberglass skin.  Then three layers of tape over the relief cut.

Hopefully in the next couple of days, I will be awarded time and good weather so I can begin on the roof install.

So here we are again, I am working on laying out for the ceiling install.  I have the interior of the ceiling height at approximately 72", that provides me with a few inches of clearance above my head which puts the topmost portion of the exterior of the camper at 73-1/2" high.

The camper height plus truck bed height was taken into consideration when developing the total height figure.  I want to be able to park my truck underneath my vehicle shelter while the camper is in the truck.  Although, I will not be able to park completely underneath the shelter, I will however be able to park the front half underneath the shelter while loaded.

So I just sat the panel on top of a 6 foot ladder and added extra spacing to obtain interior ceiling height desired.  Centered panel and obtained sidewall-to-roof structure panel measurements.

 See backwall install.

See Camper Roof Installation

take care, Chris

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