Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Received HappiJac System Turnbuckles

I located some HappiJac Stainless Steel Turnbuckles on Craigslist, well let us just say the set I obtained was one of many sets I attempted to purchase.  Many craigslisters simply were not into packaging something up for me and shipping them, within the good ol' US of A, might I add.  I thought this was a little absurd being they had their 'for sale' items listed on the world wide web in the first place.  Is that not the purpose for listing items on the web, your customer base is 'larger' thus raising a potential buyer.  Of course, I projected I was going to pay shipping costs.  ---Nope, was their reply.

Anyway, after a continued search for approximately a 1.5 weeks and sending just one more email I was finally able to secure a purchase from a nice gentleman out in Texas.  This guy was extra cool and boxing up the turnbuckles and shipping them was no big issue with him.

HappiJac S.S. Turnbuckles
The hassle I had to go through was well worth the efforts however for I paid $55.00 for these and new ones are at the least $127.00.

Message in the bottle - "perseverance"  seek and you shall find....

HappiJac turnbuckles are specially designed for truck campers whereas ordinary turnbuckles cannot even compare.  The front pair (longer barrels) possess an interior shock absorbing spring inside the cylinder .  The rear pair designed to hold down the rear portion of one's camper are labeled stressguard tie downs.  Not quite sure about the stressguard engineering design concept.

Although I appreciate knowledge of systems that I utilize, I can rest my anxiety I suppose for the the business has been around for over 35 years so they must understand a little about tie down systems.


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