Thursday, July 12, 2012

Creating Camper's Floor and Side Walls That Will Fit Truck Bed

Prepared and cut the camper's footprint for the truckbed, cut the piece for the floor to fit between the wheel wells and the vertical risers that will create this camper's footprint.  The piece for the floor was cut on 45 degree angles about its perimeter as was the two vertical side walls for this region.

This mixed array of angles that had to be cut consolidated with the distance saw guide needed to be clamped from cut line, saw's plate width from blade dependent upon direction of travel and the correct angle setting surely called for the 'thinker' to be placed in gear.

All of my corners are being cut with matching 45 degree angles so that the polypropylene honeycomb inerts are not exposed to any of the Isophthalic resin as the corner joints are fiberglassed in.  Nice, tight joints should create a very tight juncture with less than a 1/16" crack between the fiberglass of each sheet, on the interior and exterior, as they form these corners.

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