Sunday, July 15, 2012

Constructing Camper's Slide-In Portion

I have been cutting the sheets for the slide in portion of the camper and bonding them together.  All has went fairly well except the July heat and humidity which has been putting somewhat of damper on progress.

Fiberglassed, both the interior and exterior corners using structural fiberglass peanut butter filleted in the inside corners then followed with three layers of cloth.  All lain while wet to obtain a better bond.  I am using a 7-8 ounce industrial weight cloth for the layup followed by the third layer which is 6" wide - a lighter 6 ounce cloth on top.

 The interior corners are going along perfect.  I have been obtaining really good bonds in this region.  However, the exterior corners are leaving some air pockets which i will have to grind down later on, after cure out and rework.  There are a couple of spots that I noticed as I was lying the cloth this evening that simply would not lie down.  I think the issue is arising because the exterior corners are subjecting the cloth to a sharp 90 degree bend whereas the interior joints have a radius fillet for the cloth to gracefully change its lay.

Not sure just yet what i will do to resolve this issue, other than reworking after cure up.  I will find a solution and of course keep others current.

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