Friday, July 13, 2012

Best way to remove fiberglass fibers from skin

Anyone that has ever worked with fiberglass in any intensive capacity is all too familiar with the nagging fiberglass fibers that love to work their way underneath our skin.  I think I have one of the best means of removing fiberglass fibers during your wash off than any other method.  Hopefully preventing those ugly fibers from ever working their way under your happy flesh.

---------Shampoo------- the ticket!

Yep, get yourself a bottle of cheaper shampoo with the viscosity similar to that from Suave Shampoos, these work great.  After working with fiberglass, DO NOT rinse or otherwise manipulate the fibers that have landed upon your arms and hands.  You can attempt to shake off excessive fiberglass dust but then go no further.

  1. Get a good sized amount in the palm of one of your hands
  2. Pat the shampoo along your arm, covering the fiberglass - do not rub the shampoo on, 'Pat It On'
  3. Pat it over your entire arm in this manner
  4. Then without rubbing, scraping or otherwise doing anything to entice fibers to gain derma access - rinse the shampoo off of your arm with cold water only

The thick viscosity of the shampoo holds onto those annoying fibers that lie loose all along your skin's outer surface.  Rinsing the shampoo with water only and not touching the shampoo any more after having pat it on your arm will literally rinse away 99% of those annoying fibers.

I have had my arms covered in fiberglass dusting many times and every time I always rinse off in this manner.  Sometimes I may have one or two itchy spots somewhere along my arm but that is it.

If you were to rub it in anyway, forget's worked its way under your derma then bud...shampoo will not help you at this stage.

Try this method.  I am confident in saying you will be pleasantly surprised at its results.


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