Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nida-Core Honeycomb Composite Panels Arrived Today

It has been a little over a week since the order for 30mm Nida-Core H8PP Honeycomb Composite Panels was placed with Essential Composites down in Florida.  The 8 panels arrived today via transfer freight.  I was pleased, to say the least, on the very quick shipment.  Quite impressed with the turn around time; the order to in hand was so quick.

Essential Composites in Florida was a pleasure to do business with.  I spoke with Max, possibly the owner of the company, an extremely nice guy and was authentically concerned about making the end-user happy.  After speaking with him about what i needed, He got the ball rolling immediately and supplied me with 1.25" (30mm) H8PP 4x8 Nida Core Honeycomb Composite panels with fiberglass skin both sides, matte finish.

Prior to being forwarded to Essential Composites, I had looked all over the internet for a couple of weeks in an attempt to locate a distributor that sold the 30mm panels and simply could not locate anyone.  30mm is really close to 1.25" standard, but the thickest panels that a couple of the outfits sold were the 1" thick panels.

I mentioned "a couple of the outfits" because that is approximately all of the Nida-Core distributors that I could locate online using various keyword searches.  I was referred to Essential Composites by a third party non-distributor.

The fact that Max was such a highly concerned business man, courteous and actually cared about me the customer, I would highly recommend purchasing the panels from Essential.  Made for a very quick, smooth transaction and excellent communication regarding shipment dates,etc;  Just great people!  Thanks. 

Some of the other distributors that I had contacted regarding inquiries, never returned a confirmation phone call to inform me of any order availabilities as they stated they would.  However Essential Composites was excellent in the realm of customer service and communication.

Hey do yourself a huge favor if you do not have a business address, make appropriate arrangements ahead of time to have the panels shipped to a bona-fide, registered business address (friend's vehicular repair shop, woodworking business shop, boatbuilder's business, etc;).  This one move will save you almost half in shipping freight charges.

> These 30mm panels are some really nice quality panels I must add, rigid and extremely durable and chiming in at a minimal 32 pounds per 4x8 panel., 1 lb. per square foot.  These panels are definitely going to make a great custom camper I do believe.

"Let us go grab some iced tea for now."

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