Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Locating Nida Core Panels for purchase

I have determined from amongst the myriad of composite panels on the market that i would build my camper out of Nida-Core composite panels.  Locating the blog of another, that was successful in building a camper out of Nida Core panels was the confirmation I needed to pursue this purchase.  Consolidate this, with the fact I am extremely short on research time needed to make an educated decision from the myriad of available choices, so i went with Nida Core.

The fact that I witness such great reviews in regards to Nida Core panels and their workability has all the more confirmed the decision.  Plus, i really like the fact that you can use standard Polyester Resin to bond the panels together and to create structural corners.  The polyester resin does not hurt the polypropylene honeycomb inert.  So, anyone that is familiar with your everyday run-of-the-mill polyester resin, catalyst, cabosil, glass bubbles and chopped 1/4" glass strands used in fiberglass work, can work this Nida Core into a very durable, structurally sound and dependable project.

So the decision to purchase Nida Core panels has been made, now the obstacle to overcome is attempting to locate a distributor along the eastern seaboard that either stocks the sheets i need or is willing to special order panels needed.

Thus far, this has been one of the slight issues.  I have contacted numerous boat building suppliers and warehouses for the resin industry strung around the US and have not really received the news that i need to hear.  I am still working to locate a good supplier that does not mind ordering what it is that i need.

Most distributors want to deal in bulk and move large quantities of panels at one time to prevent having to absorb a lot of storage space by maintaining sheets in stock.  Plus let's face it, they see more green. 

It is just like all other business philosophy across America these days thus making it difficult for the end user to obtain what is so strongly sought after when it comes to specialty items, whether the items in question are being sought after by small business, non profits, educational sectors or the like.

But I am continuing to strike away at it....and i am certain 'where there is a will there is a way'.  So i shall keep you posted whenever i contact  a good source for supplying small orders of Nida Core panels.

until then take care, Chris

update:  Nida-Core 3M panels are still sold by various outlets but has been bought out by Composite Essential Materials now.  See my blog post regarding that news  which may help you locating your composite panels.

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