Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Help from Nida Core 3M Purchasing Department- Florida; in locating a Nida Core Distributor

Since I have been having so much difficulty in locating a distributor online to purchase Nida Core honeycomb composite panels from, I decided to contact Nida Core themselves.  I called Nida Core in Florida and discovered their staff to be extremely helpful, professional and authentically concerned for their customers.  This was above and beyond, what I can say about a few other composite manufacturers I have spoken with over the course of a few weeks.

I also discovered that the consumer and small business owner, could until just recently, purchase the panels from Nida Core directly.   They have recently changed this aspect of the business and those in need of Nida Core products must purchase such through one of their distributors.

So they assisted me with locating a distributor online that could handle my request.

Once again, I simply cannot say enough about Nida Core's friendly, courteous, professional staff.  They deserve a standing ovation.   This type of service is almost unfounded in this sometimes crude world we live in.  Our hats are off to you Nida Core for turning a stranger into a friend.

 As far as locating the appropriate distributors online for the products you are looking, if you run into difficulty I can almost assure you these great people would be glad to assist you in your efforts.

You can find their contact information here

When I decided to prepare this blog, I did so with the foresight of sharing my work with others of like mind that might appreciate the project at hand.  In the meanwhile I thought, "Heck, why not render the struggles, obstacles and the means of the way on the blog as well?", thus the reasoning behind these type posts.  Hopefully it will make someone's walk a little easier than mine was.  If I accomplish that, it makes my day better.

Take care, Chris

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