Thursday, June 21, 2012

Brainstorming and Designing for Camper Shower

I just must have a shower inside of the camper so I have been brainstorming, plotting and planning on how I will build the shower and integrate the overall shower system into the available floor space of the camper.

Of course there are AutoCAD programs that would assist in some design models.  But, that requires sitting behind a monitor and does not allow you to 'feel' the project coming together.  It certainly does not allow one to actually stand and feel the 'room', that one needs inside of his/her personal shower.  Plus it removes some of the fun from pursuing such a venue in the first place.

So I constructed this contraption underneath my work shelter to ascertain the overall feel of headroom associated with a custom shower inside the camper.  After all, is not that what custom is all about, building  for a specific end-user?  So I played around with these strips of wood being clamped to the corner post simulating the ceiling height and angles that would be associated with the inside corner of the camper. 

My moment of stress relief worked out perfect, allowing me to obtain some crucial measurements.  Now, I have a very good understanding of how I will go about building the shower for the camper.

Now i'm just awaiting the arrival of panels, fiberglass, and resin...coming from the sunshine state.


  1. Like the wood on the back wall, I am considering wooden laminate flooring for the walls, light easy to get, many styles, and the local board store has it in stock. What think?


    1. Jay, i also chose wood for the backwall so that I would be able to actually fasten my door and other accessories to come, without worry. Such as a vertical bike rack. The Nida Core's softcore interior is just not conducive wall material for fastening things to, outside of using pot rivets which work excellent.

      Not sure how flooring would work, are we making reference to tongue and groove for the structure or as a topical element overlayment?



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